Baltic Tiger


On March 23 – 24, the annual international tournament – Children’s and Youth Games “Baltic Tiger 2019” was held in the Riga National Sports Arena

The “Baltic Tiger” tournament has been held for the seventh year and has become a regular tradition for those who support a healthy lifestyle and are passionate about the martial art of Taekwondo. The program of the event included competition disciplines for both the youngest and more experienced athletes, but one of the goals of the tournament was to make this event a kind of sports celebration for all participants and attendees, regardless of age.

This year, a total of 34 teams from 14 clubs participating in the team relay were entered in the competition. More than 70 participants participate in demonstrations during the opening ceremony of the tournament. The countries represented in this tournament are Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Russia. A total of 304 participants were involved.

Taekwondo ITF tournament “Baltic Tiger 2019” was held very successfully and in a positive atmosphere. Every year, this tournament attracts more and more new participants and visitors. In parallel with the traditional Taekwon-do ITF competition disciplines, the Latvian Taekwon-do Federation likes to organize exciting gladiator fights and team relays for children, which become more and more interesting and unpredictable every year. This year, the team relay was made more complicated and much more exciting, which, in turn, was able to attract attention and interest to new teams of athletes in all age groups. The tournament took place at a high level, in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

The competition was held over two days for 100 sets of medals in five different disciplines. The team of the Estonian sports club Katleri from Tallinn won the most prized place (35 medals) in this tournament (15 gold, 11 silver, 9 bronze). St. Petersburg sports club “Kwon-NEWA” ranks second with 18 medals (8 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze). Sports club “LTCS” from Riga is in third place with 19 medals (7 gold, 8 silver, 4 bronze).

The tournament has received support from the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Riga City Council, as well as from such sponsors as the trading network “Mego”, “TORŅU ielas Saldumi”, “Elpis”, “Balticom”, from the security company “Delta”. Many thanks to Irina Guščina for a great photo report.

The Latvian Taekwondo Federation (LTF) expresses its immense gratitude to all athletes, coaches, judges and club managers, and of course also to the sponsors of the international children’s and youth games “Baltic Tiger 2019”, for their support and active participation in this competition.