Baltic Tiger

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Baltic Tiger 

Competition was held in age divisions for 5-17 years old athletes.

Significant is that in this tournament will participate young athletes from different clubs and  styles.

On 2013, after the initiative of the Latvian Taekwon-do ITF federation, was held first children-youth Taekwon-do ITF games – „Baltic Tiger Cub”.

This tournament collected participants from Latvia and Estonia in age group from 5 till 8 years old. Young competitors participated in different diciplines – technical lines, sparring, kicking speed and power tests, and also in team relay race competition.

For sparring dicipline competitions, methodists of Latvian Taekwon-do ITF federation, created special rules to exclude any injuries during the sparring competition. This discipline for participants was real celebration, but most delight and pleasant for all was team relay race competition, where at finish of the relay race competitors needed to overcome big inflatable obstacles.

Live talisman – Tiger Taekwon-do – supported all tournament competitors and charged with positive energy, and the spirit of the competition.

Children tournament culmination was young champions consecration in to the Tiger’s of Taekwon-do, where for full image creation was used children aqua-makeup. Additionally to medals for tournament winners all „BALTIC TIGER” participants received diplomas and special presents.

Tournament organizers, in relation to these children sports celebration, received many positive feedbacks and gratitudes from different sport club members, coaches, competitors parents and from tournament visitors.

In 2014 year –  After many requests from sport club members, coaches, children and their parents, participant age categories will be increased to 14 years old.

In 2015 year – Additionally to team relay race, in this year in program was included new, very exciting and safe for children competition – „Gladiator fights”.

In 2017 year – Šajā gadā spēja apvienot sportistus vecumā no 5-15 gadiem. Spēlē tika ieviesta jauna profesionāla informācija un elektroniskā tiesnešu un dalībnieku reģistrācijas sistēma.

In 2018 year – Šajā gadā spēja apvienot sportistus vecumā no 5-17 gadiem. Šajā gadā sacensību programmā tika iekļauta jaunas disciplīnas – sitienu spēka tests un sumāra sitienu energījas tests (uz speciāla elektroniskā simulatora).

Targets and tasks:

  • Popularization and development of traditional Taekwon-do.
  • Friendly relashionships formation between sport clubs.
  • Healthy lifestyle and sports propaganda.
  • International sports relashionships consolidation.