Baltic Tiger


On 21.march at Riga’s 15.secondary school’s sport hall was held International children-youth games – „Baltic Tiger Cub 2015”. The tournament, with Riga City Council’s Education, culture and sports department support, was organized by Latvian Taekwon-do (ITF) federation.

At „Baltic Tiger Cub 2015” participated 142 competitors from Latvia, Estonia and Kazakhstan sport clubs. Competition was held in 5 age divisions for 5-14 years old athletes. Significant is that in this tournament was participated young athletes from different sport clubs and martial arts styles. Additionally to team relay race, in this year in tournament program was included new, very exciting and safe for children competition – „Gladiator fights”.

At opening ceremony of International children-youth games „Baltic Tiger Cub 2015” participated 52 times Latvian kanoe rowing champion, 4 times senior World champion at 2009-2010, 6 times „World Master Games” champion at Sidney 2009, Barcelona Olympic games participant at 1992, Sidney Olympic games participant at 2000, deputy of Riga City Council, Education, culture and sports department’s chairman alternate – Jefimijs Klementjevs.

Very exciting and for spirit of competition promotion was demonstrations from „Latvian Cheerleaders federadion” cheerleaders teams.

All day long and at tournament winners awarding ceremonies actively participated our tournament talisman „Baltic Tiger”.

At „Baltic Tiger Cub 2015” participated athletes from following Latvian sport clubs – LTCS, Ķekava, Sonkal, Active-Life, Čin-Gu, AlexClub, Skorpions, Zeta Sports. Also participated athletes from Estonian sport clubs – Hvarang I.T.F., Kwon, Parnu Taekwon-do club, and individual representatives from Kazakhstan.

All competition winners was awarded with tournament medals and diplomas. Every participant received memorial gift from Latvian Taekwon-do federation, production company „Stenders” and security company „Delta”. Most youngest tournament winners in „Team relay race” and „Gladiator fights” disciplines received special prize – aqua makeup – „Tiger Cub”.

The final part of „Baltic Tiger Cub 2015” was overall sport club’s winners awarding ceremony. First place in team overall competition won sport club – LTCS, second place – Čin-Gu, third place – AlexClub. 

Many thanks to all participants!